Are You Maximizing Your Impact and Income As a Coach?  STaR Coach Membership is Your Success Path Forward...


The world needs coaches: to communicate more effectively, lead more collaboratively, and listen with more curiosity.  Coaches love to coach, but often get twisted around the details of sharing what they do, building their brand (yes, this is you too, internal coaches!) and be able to make a great income being a coach. The STaR Coach Community was created to bring your STaR Coach Experience deeper. To provide a success path forward for coaches to stop the swirl, remove the blocks and break the isolation of doing everything on your own.

The STaR Coach Member Community will take you and your business to the next level, and allow you to thrive in a supportive, like-minded community. Read on the explore the amazing benefits that membership offers you!


The STaR Coach Member Community will take you and your business to the next level, and allow you to thrive in a supportive, like-minded community.


Imagine if you could...

Grow your skills and confidence

You are not alone!  We are all on different places in our path forward and can learn so much from those who have walked ahead of us. The STaR Coach Member Community features seasoned coaches who will share their tricks of the trade and lessons learned. They’ll explore skill sets and provide demonstrations of coaching for your coach development.

Build a business instead of just having a coaching hobby

In the STaR Coach Member Community, you get your questions answered on how to successfully market your business, gain credibility and visibility, and create a strong foundation on which to grow a thriving and profitable business.

Join the STaR Coach Membership!

Strengthen Your Skills to Coach with Confidence and Create Powerful Breakthroughs with Your Clients

Engage clients with confidence, earn your coaching credential, build best practices in your coaching partnerships, gain the clarity you need to bring your coaching impact to the world.

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The Power of Community and Access to Experts Will Help You Build Confidence, Competence and Clarity for Your Coaching Goals


The Membership includes:

Have favorite guests from the STaR Coach Show that you would love to be able to engage with directly and as questions specific to your circumstances? That is exactly what the STaR Power Hour does. Every month we focus on what the community needs whether in mindset, marketing, enrolling clients, building a team for your business, live streaming and so much more. The STaR Power Hour allows the community to rub elbows with and get questions answered by industry leaders and subject experts with eyes on you! Everything is recorded so you won't miss a thing!

Adding a skill set or changing careers can be daunting.  Often coaches attempt to build everything on their own and drown in a sea of information and overwhelm. Do you have questions and need some just-in-time coaching? Of course you do! Bring your questions and let’s remove those barriers that have you stuck. There is no need to figure it out alone. Join the live session each month. Can't attend live?  Submit your question in advance and listen to the recording to get your answers!

Coaching is an art that is best refined by practicing and doing again and again. It can also be very beneficial to watch coaching demos and discuss.  This community is about growing together, building skills and confidence. Demonstrations of coaching are a great way to discuss what worked well, what didn't, language choices and powerful questions.  Members get an opportunity to be coached and if they like, to coach and receive feedback. 
Listen back to capture language and questions.

A member favorite!  Hundreds of small, luminous answers to key questions for coaching success.  Categories include Business Credibility and Visibility, Foundations of Business, Coaching in Organizations, Enrolling Clients, Lessons Learned, Personal Development, Professional Success Development, Resources and Tools, Tricks of the Trade.  This library is available 24:7 and has new content being added all the time.

Ever feel isolated? Entrepreneurship can be lonely. During our Monthly Social Hours, you’ll meet other coaches, build relationships, share a laugh and be a part of a community that believes in the power of coaching. Members say the connection and collaboration that they get in the community is priceless.

 Our private Facebook Community is a great place to connect, ask questions, offer suggestions.  Be inspired, encourage and be encouraged.  Meg goes live on the page to offer insights, answer questions and updates.
When we are a part of a community, we have accountability, our lens grows and new possibilities open.

Annual Members: Access templates for my most popular client forms

  • Coaching agreement
  • Session prep form
  • Post session recap
  • Goal form
  • Testimonial form
  • Introductory questions
  • Sponsor Agreement
  • Proposal
  • Cover letter

Brand them for your own use and give your clients the tools they need to succeed.


Annual Members: Receive the eBook, “15 Best Coaching CRMs”

Having a Client Relationship Management System is essential for creating flow in your business and freeing you up to spend your time in income producing activities. However, where do you start? We did the research for you and annual members will receive the eBook, “15 Best Coaching CRMs” with all the information that you need to make the best choice for your business: the pros and cons, features and pricing of the 15 most popular coaching client relationship management systems.  When things are automated, your life becomes so much easer and your clients appreciate your professionalism.

Annual Members: Get access to my 4 part series, “What Do You Need to Know?” 

In this video series, I met with coaches to explore their most pressing questions about what they needed to know to overcome barriers and thrive in their coaching. As a bonus for annual subscribers, access this series with the transcripts.


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Pay Annually


Top features

  • All of the benefits of Membership for a Full Year
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Bonus: My most popular client forms
  • Bonus: my eBook, “15 Best Coaching CRMs”
  • Bonus: my 4 part series, “What Do You Need to Know?” 

Pay Monthly


Top features

  • Access the benefits of Membership Month by Month 
  • Cancel any time

STaR Coach Community offers…

More Connection

More Clarity

More Confidence

More Coaching


I am amazed by the STaR Coach Membership and the value it provides.  The amount of time with Meg spends with the community and being able to connect with industry experts plus the bonuses makes the investment of less than $50.00 a month an easy decision!

 Susan Collins, Career Growth Coach, The Network Concierge

The STaR Coach Member Community is exactly what I needed to get support at this phase of my coaching journey.  Having a place to connect with other coaches while getting guidance from Meg and other experts is filling the gap I need to learn how to build a successful coaching business.

Michelle Pauk, Streamside Coaching, LLC

While the STaR Coach Member Community offers many resources, what I enjoy the most is the connection and community.  Hearing what others are going through helps to understand that I am not alone in the process of coaching and business building.

Gary McNeil, Human Resource Executive & Executive Leadership Coach